Mindfulness Mentor

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a conscious decision to pay attention to what is going on in the present moment. This means a moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and the surroundings. Mindfulness also means accepting these things without judgment. Things are not labeled right or wrong, good or bad. They are accepted for what they are.

In this fast paced world, we often have unconscious reactions instead of conscious consideration. The opportunity to think quietly about choices related to our reactions is often nonexistent. Mindfulness creates a quiet space that enhances the ability to consider what is going on in the present moment.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

This quiet reflection offered by mindfulness provides a clearer direction forward, which ultimately leads to changes in old patterns of behavior, as well as better opportunities for healthier choices.

Studies on groups of people who were taught mindfulness practices have documented many physical and psychological benefits. These include: reduced stress, improved capacity to fight disease, increased positive emotions, decreased negative emotions, and improved memory and attention skills. Integrating mindfulness practices into a daily routine improves the quality of life and may contribute to physical healing.  

What is a session like?

In a space that is safe and confidential, you will learn how to make mindfulness a part of your life. In each session, Richard will help you develop your ability to pay attention to what is going on in the present moment. He will introduce a mindfulness practice, will teach you how to bring it into your life, and will help you develop clear and realistic goals for your home practice.

Mindfulness can be brought to basic everyday occurrences such as breathing, eating, and walking. It can further be applied to speaking, listening, decision-making, and many other activities. In session Richard will give you clear directions and ample time to practice these well-tested and effective skills.

Going further

Certain long-standing patterns of stressful behavior may require further tools to assist you in achieving optimal health. One of these tools is Voice Dialogue, a simple yet powerful method of discovering different aspects of your personality.

An example of this would be the part of you that works very hard. This part does not take breaks. It is always on the go. There is an opposite part that wants to relax. From a mindful perspective, you would acquire the ability to understand these competing parts. In the present moment, you would decide how to find equilibrium between working and relaxing. There are many other examples of these personality characteristics. Finding a balance for each of them further reduces stress and enhances your well being.

Richard looks forward to working with his Sanãre colleagues to collaborate on creative new ways to empower patients as they heal and evolve toward their highest potential.

“Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, non-judgmentally, in the present moment as if your life depended on it.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn