Interventional Pain Management

abend-mejiaInterventional Pain Management utilizes a variety of the most up to date and advanced image-guided non-surgical treatment options for a diverse range of conditions. It includes fluoroscopy and ultrasound guided procedures of the spine, joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments as well as spinal and peripheral nerve stimulators, blocks and ablation procedures and Regenerative Medicine, (PRP, Prolotherapy, and Stem Cell Therapy).

Paul Abend, D.O., FAAPM&R, has over 25 years of experience in Physiatry and Pain Management Intervention.  With his highly skilled associate, Joseph Mejia, D.O., FAAPM&R, it is their goal to eliminate pain, promote mobility, improve movement potential and provide a better quality of life through effective and proven procedures and treatments. 

Drs Abend and Mejia practice with a compassionate, comprehensive and personalized approach to patient care, with the most advanced image–guided non-surgical treatments options for a diverse range of conditions.

Office hours by appointment only. Most Insurances Accepted.

Paul Abend, D.O., FAAPM&R
Joseph Mejia, D.O., FAAPM&R