Richard Gange

Mindfulness Mentor

RichardRichard Gange’s training in mindfulness has deep roots. Almost two decades ago, he realized that he was living with significant stress and its negative health effects. This began a journey of self-discovery and healing, motivated in part by his background in science.

Richard received a Master of Science from Rutgers University. He then began a 30-year career teaching high school Environmental Science and Biology. This background fueled his interest in the intersection of science and mindfulness. He became particularly interested in research showing that mindfulness practices can help create new neural connections in the brain, which can then bring about more healthful responses to the stressors of daily life. By making mindfulness a part of his life, Richard’s health improved tremendously.


What I love about working with Richard is that he is passionate about helping people discover their inner strengths and passions. He helped me to articulate my goals as a teacher, and guided me to create a program I am very proud to teach. Thank you, Richard. 
Patricia C., Edgecomb, ME

When I started my sessions with Richard, I was confused, angry, resentful, overweight, and overstressed. Richard has the desire to teach those who want to learn; the talent and skill to convey his knowledge and experiences in ways that anyone can receive; and a gift of unconditional patience, hope, and understanding for whatever your needs are. He has helped me to learn what I call Life Tools. I am a work in progress. Richard has taken me further than I could have ever imagined for myself. Today, I can admit that I am happy. I am also freer. I am 40 lbs. lighter!
Vivian R., Old Bridge, NJ

Richard is a caring and compassionate teacher/guide. Richard was the perfect co-facilitator of The Optimal Life Program because he provided the right balance to the course – the scientific side, the proof, or quantifiable results that the many activities we were learning were in fact scientifically based. Richard asked great questions of us as a group to stimulate our thinking and he also openly shared some of his own experiences that helped many of us open up and also learn through the wisdom of his stories. I highly recommend Richard as mentor as he has an ability to relate to those who need/want the scientific backing that many of these principles work, but also connects with those who already believe that and want to know and learn even more.
Tracy A., Wall, NJ

Richard has been my mentor for over five years. He is a wise and grounded presence in my life and provides me with consistent motivation, encouragement, insight and kindness. I can go to Richard with anything, and he will hold a safe, non-judgmental space for me to process through any issue I may have. He offers insight while allowing you to arrive at your own answers. He has helped me clarify my goals, which has inspired me to take action. I think every person could benefit on all levels by having a mentor like Richard.
Tara R., Bridgewater, NJ