About Sanãre

about-photoSanãre Center for Integrative Medicine offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western principles and practices in a welcoming, peaceful, and personalized environment. Sanare – the Latin word to heal – is our singular focus and the common thread that binds all of our practitioners.  We emphasize respect for the human capacity for healing, the importance of our relationship with each patient and a collaborative approach to patient care among our practitioners.

At Sanãre, our practitioners understand that healing is an integrative process that may require attention to the mind and spirit as well as the body. Our services include integrative medicine physician consultations, non-surgical orthopedics, sports medicine, interventional pain management, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and mindfulness mentoring. Patients receive information and advice about the evidence-based services, practices and treatment options that may be best suited to their particular health issue.  They are supported and encouraged as they incorporate the most appropriate selections into their healing plan. We believe that a truly collaborative approach to patient care, integrating the best of conventional and complementary medicine, ensures the best possible outcome for each patient.