Lisa Streger, L.M.B.T

Therapeutic Massage

LisaAs a graduate of Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a love for the performing arts, nature, family and humanity, Lisa was led by her own personal challenge to believe strongly in the positive effects of Myofascial Release (MFR), and subsequently, earned her License in Massage and Bodywork Therapy (LMBT) at Therapeutic Massage and Training Center in Westfield, NJ.  Trained in Swedish massage, her focus on Myofascial Release continues through national seminars taught by John F. Barnes, including a 40-hour week Skill Enhancement Seminar at the John F. Barnes Malvern Treatment Center.  It was always Lisa’s profound interest in understanding and connecting our mind, body and emotions that sustained her passion, and those rich and powerful emotions, once acted on stage, are now her quest to find and free in others through the healing art of massage.

Years ago, Lisa found herself having to overcome what felt like an impossible hurdle when her once very active lifestyle was derailed by hip pain.  Desperate to mask the pain and avoid the two recommended spinal fusions, she found comfort and hope in the skillful hands of a massage therapist whose specialty was Myofascial Release.  Lisa’s own healing process took time, but she was certain Myofascial Release played a tremendous part in her recovery and she felt inspired to help others through this technique to overcome stress and muscle tightness, release chronic pain and achieve wellness.